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  1. Hi so pleased your still rocking I heard many rumours after band split. Seen you few times and think your great. Sleazy sexy rockabilly I love ya! Can’t wait to see you again soon. Love webpage too.

  2. To me you guys are the best modern rockabilly band in the world! Looking forward to getting my hands on the newest album soon!
    Stay Sleazy!

  3. Had Sleezabilly for a while and last week bought Emperors New Clothes and Wont Stay Down + your DVD (Yet to watch when I cant get at the TV between world cup matches) from Alan at Western Star. Have listened to Wont Stay Down every day in the car this week. Brilliant, sexy album! Love your stuff. xxx

  4. We saw your gig at Smooking BootsBelgium. It was a great ,great show!! Good songs, good drive very good mucicians and very good singing!!

  5. Thanx again for a rockin´ and rollin´ weekend…´s always a pleasure to be on the road with you, looking forward to make it again…and again….and again…..
    Greetings from Germany to the “late boys”, the “lost boy” and the “waiting boy”…..

  6. Hi Guy’s You put on a great performance back in March 2015 Ferndown ,Bournemouth great sound great sleazy rockin’ music, love the new web page – so keep on rockin’ – Pure Rockin’ Si

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