Pitched Roofing Services

The pitched roof is the most common type of roof construction used in new properties today in the Essex, London and  lixil tostem อลูมิเนียม kunnapab.com areas. Pitched roof design will include a system of structural elements usually made from timber which provide support to a sarking felt, sarking board or breather membrane underlay that our roofing contractors can apply to your existing roof.

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Over the underlay, the roofing contractors will nail tiling battens directly to the structural elements, providing support and a fixing point for a weatherproof layer which normally consists of slate call today also for, concrete or clay tiles.
More and more people in your local area areas are turning to tile as a cost-effective alternative for both new build and refurbishment. At Skyline our specialist roofers and roofing contractors use many different types of tiles, both concrete and clay, on a regular basis.

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Tiling can come in many colors and patterns, there are also several designs of ridge tiles available, which our roofing contractors can apply to add a decorative look to your pitched roof.

Whether it be minor repairs, general maintenance, or full new slate and tiled roofs, our roofing contractors are able to take on any job that comes our way and we guarantee a job is completed with the best results, giving you the knowledge of using a trusted based Skyline roofing contractor.

Natural slate has a timeless appeal and a life-span measured in centuries. Fibre cement alternatives can also look good and are durable and fire resistant. Whatever the material, the roofing contractors at Skyline have the experience to recommend the best looking and most suitable solution. We can also show you pictures of previous works in the areas, so you can choose exactly how you want your roof to look.

Our specialist roofing contractors are available at you to dispense to provide you with the professional service you so rightly deserve.

Although some methods and materials have changed over the years we have been able to invest time and training so that all our Skyline roofing contractors can provide expert advice and solutions.

Our slate roofing projects include slate roof repairs and refurbishment, slating of new build roofs, and slate replacement using man-made and fiber cement slates.

Pitched roof options

Roof repairs
Flat roofs to pitch roof conversions
Ridges, hips, valleys and verges pointed or rebed
Slate / Tile roof sytems